Signature Wellness Experiences designed by Wellness Travel Costa Rica

Isaac Garcia, the founder of Wellness Travel Costa Rica (WTCR), selectively partners with high-end hotels and premium properties that are committed to offering the ultimate health and wellness offerings to their guests. Isaac proactively consults and advises partners who are equally passionate about providing specialized wellness experiences that cater to the intentions of each individual guest.

Isaac’s consultation style is creative, collaborative and comprehensive. He works closely with management to design one-of-a-kind experiences that feature the very best aspects of a property, enhance the offerings of the organization and embrace its culture and values. More importantly, Isaac works hand-in-hand with each partner to develop and deliver signature wellness programs that are inclusive, yet flexible enough to meet the distinct needs, desires and goals of each participant.

Signature wellness programs are carefully crafted with an authentic and holistic approach, integrating elements that focus on treating the whole being – mind, body and soul. Natural methods and therapies, such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, sound and energy healing, are combined with nutritious meals, mindfulness and more. What sets these experiences apart, though, is not just the skillful selection of inclusions and specialists involved. Each guest’s experience is facilitated by a holistic healing expert from start to finish, providing an interactive experience with one-on-one attention and guidance throughout. This dedication provides the insights and support needed for the individual to explore and embrace self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-care in order to achieve a heightened sense of inner peace, harmony and wholeness. This approach elevates an extraordinary wellness experience and transforms it into an evolutionary journey into wellbeing.

Additionally, Isaac and his creative team are exceptionally savvy at capturing the magic of each program to produce sensational content highlighting the property, atmosphere and elements that make each experience like no other. These valuable assets illustrate the essence of the experience and are designed to generate awareness, invoke interest and inspire engagement. Showcase essentials include:

  • A high-quality short film featuring phenomenal ground and areal (drone) footage
  • A stunning program brochure with compelling narrative, incredible photography and professional graphic design
  • Recommendations and guidance on how to maximize these assets based on best-practices

Ultimately, WTCR empowers partners to make a meaningful impact on the wellbeing of their clients, leave a lasting impression on their guests, and ultimately, to rise above the standard and shine as luminaries in the wellness travel landscape.

Individual Wellness Immersions

Origins Lodge

A New Definition of Luxury.

Playa Cativo Lodge.

Inmerse in Nature at Costa Rica’s Boutique Eco-Luxury Lodge

Nantipa Hotel

A Tico Beach Experience

Morgan´s Rock Hacienda & Eco Lodge. Nicaragua

Coming Soon